How it all began

It all started with a dream. Ravinia Thwaites was looking for a job in the music business, but back then she didn’t know what… After numerous letters she heard the word “no” one too many times and decided to do it herself! So with no experience whatsoever and armed with a secret database she started the RnR Agency as a platform for talented musicians. With a good ear, a MySpace account and some musician friends, talent was easy to find. The agency quickly gathered a number of promising artists and was involved with booking more than 39 artists like;  Destine,  Stairs To Nowhere, iO (ex-Guano Apes),  Capachocha, Lukas Batteau, Neo & Manu, Beggars Fortune, The Nowboys, Marvin and the sinking ship, Trucker Cleavage.


At first booking was the main activity, but soon RnR Agency started doing the promotion, engineering, producing, writing bio’s, tour managing, sales, press promotion, marketing and even  artist management. Ravinia also had the chance to work at wonderful places like concert venue Boerderij, Roadrunner Records, CNR Entertainment & the Melkweg to expand her musical horizon and have her questions answered. And she got the answer she’s been looking for. What can I do? “Ravinia is a project manager and an artist manager.”

Other projects

As of this year the RnR Agency gives workshops and teaches aspiring musicians.


So in January of 2009 the RnR Agency cut back on its booking activities and moved its focus to artist management, project management and tour management.  After a couple of successful years RnR Agency has decided to strip down the number of activities and focus on what it believes is its main strength.