Lasse Matthiessen was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the jazz of his father’s piano ringing in his ears. Music was always with him. It carried him to countless streets and stages around the world. His years of galavanting not only connected him to many musicians, but deeply connected him to his own art. He has experienced too much to be anyone but himself. Over a decade of writing songs and playing concerts has formed Matthiessen’s artistic identity and sharpened his skills. His dynamic voice, dancing gracefully between intimacy and unabashed power, combined with the love, wisdom, and dark beauty of his words, make him a unique figure in today’s independent music landscape.

With his new record “Carry Me Down” Lasse Matthiessen & The Seasons sounds is a fusion of the simplicity of American-influenced folk music with the intricate delicacy of contemporary Scandinavian music. Lasse Matthiessen’s compelling voice and the dark beauty of his lyrics, combined with Halla Nördfjörd’s (Iceland) and Ian Fisher’s (USA) tranquil yet bold sound make this multi-national trio a striking figure in today’s independent music landscape.
“This place has a darkness to it, but something here resonates in me.” Finding yourself in a place between deep shade and bright light, your mind blurs. It is the classic calling of an artist to illuminate his own vision in that in-between place. In an age of superficiality, there are few artists who transmit deep truth into music as vibrantly as Lasse Matthiessen.


Music press about Lasse Matthiessen:

“Black-and-white acoustic guitar songs with quiet timid drums and wind-blown xylophones, but
also swinging folk songs as by Dylan or buzzing lullabies as by Drake: Great Dane!”
- Rolling Stone Magazin

“If you like melancholy singer-songwriters with “beautiful-sad” voices, Lasse Matthiessen is for you. We like his music very much.”

“The Dane spellbinds his listeners with his songs that may bring to mind artists such as Andrew Bird or Nick Drake.
Anyone who gets the opportunity should cease it and enjoy this talented musician live.”


Brings to mind the excellent Alasdair Roberts.”
- Intro

The unique talent Lasse Matthiessen convinces us with his album. The songs sound fantastic and do not need to hide next to the songs of Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes, Beirut and Rufus Wainwright.”
- Prinz Hamburg

“The Dane, who resides in Copenhagen and Berlin, shows a remarkable sense
for simple, but atmospherically compact compositions. Already in the first song he generates a
melancholy atmosphere, vaguely reminiscent of early Leonard Cohen or Nick Drake. Matthiessen
not only convinces us with his voice and guitar – the production is also compelling. It is a calm, many-sided, emotional and surprising album. An album that unremittingly finds it’s way to the stereo and constantly reveals new facets.”